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Reigning Champs

Rules of the Challenge: ANYONE can find themselves in a championship match against the reigning champs! If you think you got what it takes, send us an email with videos and an explanation of how good you think you are. If we think you are good enough, you'll be invited to play the founders of TopBlock. If you beat the founders in one match, then you will advance to challenge the reigning champs.


Team of 2 Champions

Annika and Tyson

Champs from July 2021 - Present. Defeated by none... yet!

Pictures here

Annika bio: One of the first TopBlockers in the community. Don't be fooled by beauty, she has honed her craft. This multilingual world traveler will hand you an L, and leave you crying for your momma.

Tyson bio: A man with moxie. Heart of a lion, determination of a chessmaster, unpredictability of a desert storm. This Red Bull athlete might take it easy on you at the beginning of the game just to give you a false sense of hope. Click here for Tyson's Instagram